Artist Bio: Chia-En Jao attained his BA degree in fine arts in Taiwan. Upon graduation, he moved to Paris and London to continue his studies and art practice. With his divers cultural and educational backgrounds, he has developed a unique perception on the question and relationship between identity, different languages, societies and ethnic groups. Oftentimes, he shapes his experiences into myriad forms of artistic expression. His work is characterized by humor, but is always unfailingly precise in its observation.

In his 2007 single channel video “Father’s Tongue”, language is used to address the issues of identity between cultures, ethnic and social groups. In 2009, his solo exhibition “You Are The Horse That I Would Never Ride” demonstrates meticulous interventions on both aesthetic and conceptual fronts. He expands his interest from “language”, into ways of constructing meaning, into the evolution of cultural images, totems and symbols—to reflect on Taiwanese history, culture and society. In 2010, his “Statement”, shown at the Taipei Biennial, invites the general public to perform “artist statements” written by artists from different generations, and in so doing, interrogates the political meaning of speech and of writing, and the construction of history.