Artist Bio: James T. HONG is a filmmaker and artist who has been producing films and videos for over twenty years. He has produced works about Heidegger, Spinoza, Japanese biological warfare, the Opium Wars, and racism and recently completed a documentary about nationalism and disputed territory in the East China Sea. He is currently researching the concept of morality in East Asia and presented a new experimental, multimedia work about Nietzsche and metempsychosis at the 2016 Taipei Biennial. Hong also occasionally writes articles for e-flux Journal and other publications. Hong’s films and videos include Behold the Asian: How One Becomes What One Is, Condor: A Film from California, Suprematist Kapital, and The Denazification of MH about Martin Heidegger, which is analyzed in the journal Film-Philosophy. Hong produced the award-winning documentary 731: Two Versions of Hell about Japan's Unit 731 in 2007, which was followed by Lessons of the Blood in 2010. His 2012 short film The Turner Film Diaries is based on the infamous racist American novel, The Turner Diaries. Hong has participated in numerous international exhibitions and film festivals and his most recent include: The 2016 Taipei Biennial, “Interrupted Survey: Fractured Modern Mythologies” at ACT Center, Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea; “A Hundred Years of Shame – Songs of Resistance and Scenarios for Chinese Nations” at Para/Site Art Space in Hong Kong; the 2016 Berlin Film Festival, and “Soil and Stones, Souls and Songs” at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design in Manila, Philippines.

James T. Hong-

Yin-Ju Chen's primary medium is video, but her works also includes photos, installations and drawings. In the past few years she has focused on the function of power in human society, nationalism, racism, totalitarianism, collective thinking or collective (un)conscious. Her recent projects also engage in the relations between cosmos and human behaviour.She has participated in many important international exhibitions and film festivals, such as Liverpool Biennial (UK, 2016), Forum Expanded at 66th Berlin Film Festival (DE, 2016), 20th Biennial of Sydney (AU, 2016), Action at a Distance–Yin-Ju Chen Solo Exhibition (TW, 2015), Shanghai Biennial (CN, 2014), "A Journal of the Plague Year", (Para/Site, HK, 2013), Taipei Biennial(TW, 2012), International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL, 2011), EMAF - European Media Art Festival (DE, 2011), "Multitud Singular", Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia (ES, 2009), International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (NL, 2008), and San Francisco International Film Festival (US, 2006). From 2010-2011, Chen was a resident artist at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She currently lives and works in Taipei City, Taiwan.

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