Artist Bio: Feng Mengbo is a self-described “video game artist” who uses new media and technology to explore Chinese iconography and history. He began his career with a suite of paintings, “Game Over: Long March” (1993), that depicts the adventures of a fictional Red Army character in a series of “game snapshots” reminiscent of Nintendo’s Super Mario (the title is a reference to the famed military retreat that precipitated Mao’s rise to power). Feng more recently took this interest to a logical extreme, creating the interactive game Long March: Restart in 2008 using the same main character. Controlled by visitors, the soldier travels along an 80-by-20-foot digital scroll, projected on a gallery wall. Despite his rejection of the label, Feng’s visual and conceptual concerns align him closely with the Political Pop of Wang Guangyi and others.

Chinese, b. 1966, Beijing, China, based in Beijing, China