Schedule & Locations

Franklin Hall Commons, The Media School
(M-F 12noon-1:30pm)

KWAN Sheung-chi
A Flags-Raising-Lowering Ceremony at my home’s clothes drying rack
(2007, 1’47”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

HO Bjorn
I Love the Country But Not the Party
(2009, 1’28”, b/w, sound, Hong Kong)

FENG Mengbo
Long March: Restart
(2008, 2’42”, color, sound, China)

susan pui san LOK
(2015, 4’, color, sound, the United Kingdom)

Complaint Choir of Hong Kong and Thickest CHOI
Complaint Choir of Hong Kong – Youtube Karaoke
(2009, 4’58”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

Anson MAK
(2006, 6’32”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

HSU Chia Wei
The Story of Hoping Island
(2008, 12’40”, color, sound, Taiwan)

João Vasco PAIVA
Action Through Non-action
(2009, 8’51”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

(2015, 4’58”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

SHI Zheng
(2014, 7’53”, color, sound, China)

HSU Che-yu
Microphone Test: A Letter to Huang Guo-Jun
(2015, 25’18”, b/w, sound, Taiwan)

Windows On The World (Part 1)
(2014, 3’20”, color, sound, Singapore)

Total Duration: 84m27s (looping once daily)

IMU (Indiana University Memorial Union), Hotel Lobby/Starbucks
(M–F daily continual loop)

Made in 1968
(2005, 9’45”, color, sound, China)

Chi Jang YIN
Dark River
(2010, 6’05”, color, sound, the United States)

YAO, Jui-chung
Long Long Live
(2013, 7’20”, color, sound, Taiwan)

Ellen PAU
(1990, 5’39”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

Erika TAN
Journeys Of Remembrance
(2008, 6’30”, color, sound, Singapore)

LAI Chiu Han, Linda
Door Games Window Frames – video version
(2012, 11’30”, b/w, sound, Hong Kong)

Birdy CHU
97 Tons of Memories
(1997, 13’, color, sound, Hong Kong)

CHOW Chun Fai
Repainting “Infernal Affairs”
(2007, 2’51”, color, sound, Hong Kong)

TANG Kwok Hin
Present <<Reminiscences of the Eastern Capital>>, Wan Chai District
2012, 6’15”, b/w, sound, Hong Kong)

To the Eastwards (The Lines Divide)
(2014, 15’50”, color, sound, Singapore)

James T. HONG & Yin-Ju CHEN
End Transmission
(2009-2010, 15’05”, b/w, sound, Taiwan)

Total Duration: 99m50s (looping continually throughout the day M-F)